The Tandem Freeride Invitational

An unorganized event

Sponsored by Clamwiser (not really)

Sponsored by Cowboy’s Fuzzy Dudds? (Maybe?)

  • Points added or deducted depending on how we think you do.
  • Attitude counts.
  • We will have judges.
  • Fairness is unlikely.

The stages

Challenge Start

shhhhh – it’s a secret

Crossroads Race

Fastest duo counts here and here only. We despise fitness.

Switchback challenge

Points deducted for dabbing. Points added for style. Points added for total fail into poison oak.

Best line down the mile

Outcropping, waterfall, whatever you call it – you know it. Got a good line down it? Better hope so. You’ll be judged for the line and style. Points deducted for crashing or dabbing. Points added for crashing really well.


Pump up your shock. Location: Boyscoutt

Mystery Stage

Most likely something very bad. deets:

Pacifica, Ca

November 22nd, 2009